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Spokane Family Receives Gift of a Bed Bug Free Home

Annie Bishop - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SPOKANE,WA- ‚ÄčChristmas is arriving early this year for one Spokane family fighting a long battle with bed bugs inside their home.  On Tuesday, Dec. 15th, Prime Pest Control donated its time and expertise to make sure the Johnson family have a bed bug -free holiday.

"What a gift," said Lorna Johnson.  Johnson took in her five adopted nieces and nephews.  Along with her new additions came an un-welcomed guest in the form of bedbugs. They have been living with them for months.  

"I've done everything I can to get rid of them and they won't go away.  It's devastating and emotionally draining.  My children are getting bit.  No one should have to deal with that.  It looks like they have chickenpox," said Johnson.

When Toby Fossati, from Prime Pest Control, learned about the Johnson's situation he knew he needed to help.

"We love our community and feel honored to make this holiday season brighter for the Johnson family," said Lance Freeman, general manager of Prime Pest Control.

According to Freeman, calls for bed bug treatments doubled for Prime Pest Control this past year.

"We've tripled our equipment this year to heat treat bed bugs.  We also added, in addition to "Alley" our bedbug sniffing K9,  another bed bug sniffing K9 dog named "Donny" to keep up with the demand," he said. 

To keep the bed bugs away for good at the Johnson home, Prime Pest Control used a combination of heat and chemical treatments.

Johnson said she is looking forward to Christmas morning without the unwanted guests.

" A bed bug free home is really the gift of a better quality of life," said Johnson. 

*The donation is part of a national event, Take a Bite out of the Holidays through Bed Bug Central.

Also note, Prime Pest Control will be donating another bedbug heat treatment this Thursday Dec. 17th to another family infested with bedbugs this holiday season.

Family Fighting Bed Bugs

- Monday, May 18, 2015

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Family still fighting bed bugs six months later

SPOKANE, Wash. -

If you set foot in Dale Vick's North Spokane home, his first advice is not to touch anything.  Bed bug infestations are the worst they've ever been in Spokane according to one pest control company. Prime Pest Control says they get nearly a dozen calls each day in the city of Spokane reporting a new case of bed bugs. They use unique techniques to spot the pests, including a K9 detection unit -- a dog that goes through similar training to police K9s.

They say the most effective method to get rid of bed bugs is a heat treatment, because bed bugs die at a temperature just above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dale Vick watched crews conduct a heat treatment at his home Monday.

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We were featured on KREM News for Bed Bug K9 Detection

- Monday, November 04, 2013
SPOKANE, Wash.—A local pest agency gave KREM 2 News an inside look at how they have been using their dogs to track down bed bugs.    
A dog named Allie has searched hundreds of rooms and had never had a false alarm. She is one of many dogs that help exterminators who work for Prime Pest Control.  Allie is a two-year-old English lab. 

"Humans can be 50 percent in finding them. A dog can be 90 percent,” said the manager for Prime Pest Control, Lance Freeman. 


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